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About us

Hello friends, my name is Suresh Burla, I live in a small village named Chintarevala in Sironcha tehsil of Maharashtra. My education is M.A.B.Ed after which I am doing the job of Lecturer. While doing this, I created a blog called BS Tips By Suresh Burla, in this I have been giving information like Blogging, Seo, Affiliate marketing and how to earn money online. I have also heard this while doing this work, Apps and APK downloading. Websites can also be created. With this thinking, I have created a website named APPIES.

APPIES  provide service of  APPS and APK downloading in the website.

Name:- Suresh Burla

Adress:- Sironcha (Maharastra

Education:-M.A.B.Ed (History &Marathi)

Contract with us:-